Before submitting an application to the 2018 LoToJa Classic, it is important to note the following:

1) BE PREPARED - Please read the information published in our Registration and Event Guides.

Event Guide
Reg Guide

2) ADD US TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK - To ensure that important registration information and monthly LoToJa Latest emails are successfully delivered to your inbox, please add the following to your address book:

3) REGISTRATION PERIOD - Open registration for the 2018 LoToJa Classic is April 4 through April 10.

4) STATUS NOTIFICATIONS - If you qualify for a guaranteed 2018 LoToJa entry, as noted in our Registration Guide, your application will be approved between April 12 and April 30. You will receive a Registration Confirmation email from us during this time. All other applicants will receive either a Registration Confirmation or Status Notification email on Friday, May 11.

5) REGISTRATION PAYMENT - All successful applicants will receive a Registration Confirmation email. This email will include a special login and secure link for payment of your LoToJa application. To ensure your spot in LoToJa, please pay your registration fees promptly. Thank you!