Coach Eric Orton, a past LoToJa participant and trainer based in Jackson, Wyoming, has provided these training tips for all LoToJa participants. The tips are presented in specific training blocks, from early season aerobic conditioning to pre-race peaking.

Your success at LoToJa will in large part be determined by your training and preparation leading up to the event. We encourage you to either follow the tips published here, find a LoToJa veteran to mentor you, or access one of the many training programs available online.

"Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is." -- Vince Lombardi

**The risk of injury from participation in a fitness regimen and/or from the performance of any exercise is significant, including the potential for catastrophic injury or death. You should and must consult a medical professional before undertaking any fitness regimen or exercise program, including any exercises or techniques set forth or described on this web site.