THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 - Biker's Edge, Kaysville

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 - 150 North 100 East, Logan

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 - same as Friday



LOTOJA START SCHEDULE - LoToJa's Start Schedule is published in the EVENT GUIDE. Please note, the schedule for the current year will not be published in the Event Guide until early August. From one year to the next the schedule will have minor modificiations, but generally the start order for the various race and ride categories are the same.

LoToJa is NOT weather dependent, be prepared to ride in all weather conditions.

PEDAL POWER DINNER - Huntsman Cancer Foundation will be serving up a “pedal power dinner" the night before LoToJa. This all-you-can-eat dinner will be provided by Firehouse Pizzeria. Meal tickets are only $14.00 per plate. There will be a selection of delicious and carbo-loaded food prepared especially for cyclists. All proceeds from this dinner event will benefit Huntsman Cancer Institute.

CYCLIST/CREW ORIENTATION - Support crews and cyclists that have not participated in LoToJa for several years and/or are unfamiliar with the current event guidelines and course should attend one of our two scheduled orientation meetings. The first will be held at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City on Thursday, August 8 and the second in Logan on Friday, September 6.

OFFICIALS PRE-RACE MEETING - The USAC Officials Pre-race Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Cyclist/Crew Orientation on Friday, September 6. Cyclists and crews will receive late breaking information about the condition of the course, safety concerns, and race guideline updates. USAC Officials and the LoToJa Race Director will be available to answer your questions at this meeting.