47 MILES TO AFTON: — There are two big climbs and two fast descents on the road to Afton. The first climb gains 1,000 feet in 9 miles to reach Geneva Summit at an elevation of 6,923 feet. The last two miles of this climb is a 7 percent gradient. The second climb, after descending into Geneva and crossing the border in Wyoming, leads to the top of Salt River Pass. The steepest part of this climb is the last four miles with the gradient going from 6 to 9 percent. Salt River is LoToJa’s highest point (elevation of 7,630 feet), the King/Queen of Mountain, and home to Neutral Feed Zone 4. From the top, the ride to Afton is 17 miles.

ELEVATION: Start at 6,002 / End at 6,231

DISTANCE (miles): 47

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