We are again pleased to include the LoToJa Green Team to the range of race weekend opportunities this year. The Goal: reduce the environmental footprint of LoToJa.

The Green Team recognizes race participants and support crews who do their part to offset CO2 emissions associated with going back and forth between Logan and Jackson. Driving an average of 500 miles, some 1,500 vehicles rack up over 750,000 total miles over the course of the weekend. Assuming the average vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon, with emissions of 19.56 pounds of CO2 per gallon, the carbon footprint of LoToJa participant travel is 733,500 pounds, or 332 metric tonnes of CO2! That’s equivalent to the energy use of 30 single-family homes for one year.

During LoToJa registration you will be given the opportunity to join our Green Team and help offset the emissions from vehicle travel with one of NativeEnergy’s high quality carbon reduction projects.

NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ carbon offsets enable you to play a crucial role in financing the construction of new carbon reduction projects. In return, you receive a share of the project’s long-term verified carbon reductions.

Net proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets will be used to purchase independently validated carbon offsets from NativeEnergy, Inc., a climate solutions innovator and recognized leader in the U.S. carbon market.